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A Family Health and Wellness Coach empowers, guides, and supports families in making positive behavior changes in an easy, enjoyable, and sustainable way. Working with a Health and Wellness coach you will...

  • Improve the way you live, move, think, and eat!

  • Develop consistent healthy behaviors

  • Learn tools for managing stress

  • Increase mindfulness and coping skills

  • Improve emotional wellness

  • Enhance social skills

  • Have more time and energy

  • Learn easy strategies and routines for a calm and healthy home

  • Manage screen time

  • Improve sleep

  • Improve challenges in your health and home

Why Work with me? 

Natalie is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach trained through Dr. Sears Wellness Institute specializing in Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Families. She has a BA in Music Therapy and Masters in Human Services. She has over 20 years working with women, children with disabilities, and families in the Treasure Valley. She believes that health and happiness start in the home. Living a healthy balanced life doesn't have to be hard. She believes in the power of positive and healthy routines to have a healthy and positive home. 

My Coaching Journey: 

In 2014 I was coming out of living in survival mode for the previous 10 years. Living in constant stress and chaos wreaked havoc on my mind and body. I was depressed, stressed, overwhelmed, and unhealthy. I tried for a year to get back on track in life and struggled. I signed up with a Health and Wellness Coach, found the support I needed and lost 50lbs, got off medications, and finally felt like I had control over my life.  Whatever is in your past, your struggles, or reason deserve to have the support you need for you, your child, and family. 

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