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We are Better Together Services

Our motto is that every child deserves to shine. We offer pediatric speech and occupational therapy that makes a difference.


Pediatric Speech, Language, Physical and Occupational Therapy

Quality pediatric services offered at our clinic in Meridian, Idaho. Teletherapy appointments via a secured internet platform are available. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


Caregiver Education Videos

Developed by our therapists, these videos cover a wide-range of topics focused on empowering you to take on the challenges of home.  Videos include downloadable content and visuals for personal use. Start your free seven day trial today!


School Contracting and Summer Camps

Our therapists are contracted by schools to provide students with support towards the achievement of educational goals. We offer annual summer camps in Parma, Marsing, and Meridian Idaho. 

Family Health and Wellness Coaching

A Family Health and Wellness Coach empowers, guides, and supports families in making positive behavior changes in an easy, enjoyable, and sustainable way. Working with a Health and Wellness Coach you will learn how to set positive healthy routines, live a healthy lifestyle in body and mind, and improve challenges in your home.

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